Drag Marble Flowers Nail Art Design

Drag Marble Flowers Nail Art Design. Toothpick or needle nail art

Hi everyone! 
This nail art is a flower drag marble design. To draw this flowers you can use a thin brush or you can use a needle or a toothpick instead of the thin brush! 

To do this design you need three different nail polishes (a blue, a pink and a purple) and a white nail polish for the base. 

  • First of all you paint one nail with the white polish: you apply a generous amount of polish and you do one nail at a time because you need wet polish. 
  • Then, with a dotting tool, you apply three dots for each petal, first with the blue and then with the pink color. Using a thin brush (or a needle, or a toothpick) you drag the petals while the polish is still wet. 
  • When everything it's dry, you add the purple dots. 
  • You finish with some top coat to keep the manicure glossy and protected and.... you are done!!

Here you can watch the tutorial of this nail design:

Products used:

- Base coat: “Essence studio nails”
- Astra gel effect 02 (white)
- Astra my lacque 5 free 30 (purple)
- Astra my lacque 5 free 14 (fucsia)
- Astra my lacque 5 free 37 (blue)
- Top coat: “Essence” gel look plumping top coat

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! 
See you soon with new nail designs!