Drag Dry Marble for Christmas

Drag Dry Marble for Christmas - Needle Nail Art Tutorial - Red, Green and Gold Nail Art

Hi everyone!
This is a drag dry marble nail art in Christmas colors. I have done it with a needle and a dotting tool.
For this design you need red nail polish, dark green nail polish, white nail polish, and gold nail polish.

  • First of all apply a base coat to protect your natural nails. 
  • On your thumb and little finger apply dark green nail polish.
  • On your index finger apply red nail polish. 
  • On your middle and ring finger apply white, one nail at a time because you need wet nail polish. 
  • With a large dotting tool put six dots alternating red, green and gold, and drag them with a needle. 
  • Finish adding some small red and gold dots. 
  • Apply a top coat to keep your manicure protected and shiny and.... you are done!

Here you can watch how I did this design:

Products used:

- Base coat: “Essence ultra strong nail hardener”
- Essence Merry Berry 04 red rocks
- Astra my lacque 5 free 03 (white) 
- Astra my lacque 5 free 38 (dark green)
- Astra my lacque 5 free 40 (gold)
- Top coat: “Essence” gel look plumping top coat

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! 
See you soon with new nail designs!