Easy Winter Snowflake Nail Art

Easy Winter Snowflake Nail Art - Pink and white nail art

Hi everyone! 
This is an easy snowflake nail art in white and pink!
For this design I used a dotting tool, a thin brush and white and pink nail polish.

Here I show how I did this design:

  • First of all apply a base coat on all your natural nails to protect them . 
  • Paint thumb, index finger and little finger with pink nail polish. 
  • Paint middle and ring finger with white nail polish. 
  • On middle finger, using a thin brush, start drawing two lines crossing each other, then draw the other diagonal lines. 
  • Add the little details, as little lines and dots.
  • On ring finger using a dotting tool do some big and small pink dots. 
  • Overlap only the big dots with smaller white dots.
  • Finish applying some top coat to protect your manicure from peeling and to keep it glossy and… that’s it!!


Watch here how I did this design:

Products used:

- Base coat: “Essence ultra strong nail hardener”
- Astra my lacque 5 free 03 (white) 
- Astra my lacque 5 free 14 (pink)
- Top coat: “Essence” gel look plumping top coat

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! 
See you soon with new nail designs!