Teddy Bear Nail Art for Valentine's Day

Teddy Bear Nail Art for Valentine's Day

Hi everyone! 
This is a teddy bear nail art for Valentine’s day! For this design I used a dotting tool, a thin brush and white, dark grey, light grey, red and black nail polish.

Here I show you how I did this design:

First of all apply a base coat on all your natural nails to protect them . 
Paint your thumb, index and little finger nails with a red nail polish, your ring finger with light grey nail polish and your middle finger with white nail polish.
On middle finger, with a dotting tool and a thin brush, draw the teddy bear and the hearts. 
Finish applying some top coat to protect your manicure from peeling and to keep it glossy and… that’s it!!


Watch here the video tutorial this design:

Products used:

- Base coat: “Essence ultra strong nail hardener”
- Astra my lacque 5 free - 03 (white) 
- Astra my lacque 5 free - 45 (black)
- Essence Merry Berry – 04 red rocks
- Essence All that Greys – 02 step into the grey zone 
- Essence All that Greys – 03 grey times
- Top coat: “Essence” gel look plumping top coat

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! 
See you soon with new nail designs!