Easy Drag Marble Nails Tutorial

Easy Needle  Nail Design

Hi everyone! 
Today's nail art is an easy drag marble design tutorial. This design can be done using a needle to drag the nail polish. So here is how to create this design.

Here I show you how I did this design in simple steps:

1. Apply base coat to protect your natural nails;

2. Paint your middle nail white and don't let it dry (you will clean the cuticle area later!):

4. By a large dotting tool paint three dots:

5. By a smaller dotting tool put some little silver points on the black ones:

6. Drag the dots by a needle:

7: Add some black dots:

8: paint your ring nail silver and apply some black rhinestones:

9. At the end apply top coat to protect the manicure from peeling and to keep it shiny.

Here you can watch the video tutorial of this nail art:

For this design I used the following products:

- Base coat: “Essence studio nails”
- Essence I love trends “05 yummy gummy” (pink) 
- H & M silver
- Astra my lacque 5 free n. 03 (white)
- Sinful color n.103 (black)
- Top coat: Essence gel look plumping top coat
- Black Rhinestones: Bornprettystore

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! See you soon with new nail designs!