Blobicure Nail Design - Video Tutorial

Blobicure Nail Art

Hi everyone! 

In today’s nail tutorial, I am going to share with you a fun blobicure nail art design. 

This DIY nail design is so easy to create, because has not to be perfect! This is why I really love this nail style. I hope you like this tecnique too and that you will give it a try!

Blobicure Nail Art

Here you can watch the video tutorial of this nail design:

The products that I used are the following:

- Base coat: “Essence green power strengthener”
- Essence the gel nail polish “22 I love my blue jeans” (dark blue)
- Essence the gel nail polish “27 don’t be shy” (light green)
- Essence the gel nail polish “24 indian summer” (light orange)
- Essence the gel nail polish “39 blue bubble di blue” (light blue)
- Top coat: Essence the gel look plumping top coat XXXL volume

I really hope that you enjoyed my video tutorial. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! 
See you soon with new nail designs!