EASY HALLOWEEN GHOST NAIL DESIGN - Nail Art Using Toothpick - Video Tutorial

Nail Art Using Toothpick

Hi everyone! 
This is an easy ghost nail design for Halloween. It is an easy freehand nail art.
Using the white nail polish you draw the shape of the ghosts, and then you do the eyes and the mouth using a toothpick.

Nail Art Using Toothpick

I really hope you like it!
Here you can watch the video tutorial:

Products used:

- Base coat: “Essence green power strengthener”
- Astra n. 31 (purple)
- Astra n. 03 (white)
- Astra n. 45 (black)
- Top coat: Essence the gel look plumping top coat XXXL volume

I really hope that you enjoyed my video tutorial. Thank you so much!