Mandala Nail Design – Easy Dotting Tool Nail art Tutorial

Mandala Nail Design
Hi everyone!
In this video tutorial I am showing a mandala nail art; it is a dotting tool design. 

Mandala Nail Design

Here I show step by step how I did this design:

Mandala Nail Design

  • First of all I always apply a base coat to protect my nails. 
  • For the base of this design I used a black nail polish and I let it dry. 
  • For the mandala design I used light metallic grey, dark grey, white and green nail polish and three dotting tools: a large, a medium and a small one. 
  • I did one metallic grey dot in the middle with a large dotting tool and then I did smaller green dots around it using a medium size dotting tool. 
  • Then I did dark grey dots with medium dotting tool and around each of them I did small white dots using the smallest dotting tool. 
  • When the design is dried, I finished applying top coat to protect the design and to make it last longer. 

I hope you enjoy the video:

Thank you so much for your support, I appreciate it very much!