Autumn Leaves Drag Marble Design

Autumn Leaves Drag Marble Design

Hi everyone!
In this tutorial I am showing an easy and simple dry marble nail art: an Autumn Leaves Drag Marble Design Tutorial.

Autumn Leaves Drag Marble Design

Here I show you how to do this design in simple steps:

  1. After applying a base coat to protect my nails, I applied a metal blue/green nail polish and I didn’t let it dry
  2. For the marble design I used orange and yellow nail polishes. I did three dots with orange nail polish using a big size dotting tool.
  3. I did three smaller yellow dots on the orange dots using a medium size dotting tool.
  4. I dragged the nail polish using a thin brush.
  5. I finished applying a top coat to protect the design and to make it last longer.

To drag the nail polish you can choose to use a thin brush or other tools as a toothpick or even a sewing needle. The thin brush that I use in the video is one of those that you find in tip painter nail polishes: I made it thinner cutting some of the external hair.

Here you can watch the video tutorial:

I hope you enjoy the video and let me know what you think!
Thank you so much for your support, I appreciate it very much!