Christmas Lights Nail Design Tutorial

Christmas Lights Nail Design

Hi everyone!
In today’s post I’d like to show you how to create a festive Christmas nail art.

To create this nail art you will need:

· Base Coat
· Nude Nail Polish
· Sewing thread· A dotting tool, tweezers, scissors
· Colored stones
· Quick dry top coat
· Top Coat 

How to do this design in simple steps:

· First of all apply one layer of base coat to protect your nails and create a smooth surface to work on.
· Apply beige nail polish on your nails.
· Cut a few pieces of sewing thread.
· After applying some quick drying top coat, place the sewing thread on your nails, helping yourself with tweezers and the dotting tool.
· Cut the excess of the sewing thread
· Apply a top coat on all the nails to seal in the design and make it last longer and stick the stones

Video tutorial:

The products I used are:

· Beige nail polish (36 dare it nude) by Essence
· Quick dry top coat by Essence
· Gel effect top coat by Essence.

I hope you like this design and you enjoy the video! Have a beautiful day!